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Class of 2022 Graduation Highlights
Posted 5/12/22

SONG: "22" by Taylor Swift

MOTTO: I don't know about you but I'm feeling '22!

Class of 2022 Top 10 are:

Irys Silva - Valedictorian
Zelica Herrington - Co-Salutatorian
Jose Maldonado - Co-Salutatorian
Joseph Salazar
Teresa Romero
Hope Armijo
Madalynn Valenzuela
Freddie Barros
Nichelle Yellowhorse
Piper Lincoln
Claudia Zárate-Vazquez
Irys Silva, Valedictorian: "If there is any advice I can give to you, it would be to put yourself first no matter what. Never give up, and never be taken advantage of. There will always be mountains that are hard to climb, but you know what… they are not impossible to climb. Keep going and reach for your goals no matter what they are"
Zelica Harrington, Co-Valedictorian: "Take everything day by day. There’s no point in rushing the future, because it’s not going to come any faster. Soak up each and every experience you possibly can. So if you ever find yourself stuck, just take a step back and breathe. Appreciate all the amazing things you’re surrounded by. It may not seem like a lot, but the little things are always what makes everything better."
Jose "Joey" Maldonado, Co-Salutatorian: "I hope that ALL of you leave here today with a meaning, and do more than what you did in high school. This should not be the peak of your life, but the beginning of your many accomplishments. Continue moving forward and start visualizing what you want your life to be like even if it is for the next month."
Jaedyn Jimenez-Mahboub, Class of 2022 Student Body President: "We all have experienced high school in ways unique to who we are, but we can all agree that the most valuable lessons taught to us weren't given in a classroom, but rather through our friendships. We will look back on high school with nostalgia and an admiration for our resilience. Our resilience to continue trekking on when times were uncertain, our resilience when all seemed lost. Resilience is what will bind the Class of 2022 together forever in history."


Joseph Salazar, Class of 2022 Senior Class President: "These past four years in high school were the best and most memorable moments we’ve experienced! We pulled off all nighters, got our assignments turned in before 11:59 pm, and struggled to get to class on time. But in the end, all the hard work that you’ve done has finally paid off and you’re ready to follow your path to success."