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Patrick & Melissa Parker, AHA's Nurses, Named "School Nurses of the Year"
Posted 5/10/22

Congratulations to Patrick and Melissa Parker, AHA's school nurses, on being named the 2022 recipients of the "School Nurses of the Year" Award.


"They have made the lives of students, staff, and visitors healthier, more empowered, and positive. Through their efforts and expertise, our students are able to live more healthfully, whether through access to personal hygiene, assistance with medication administration, help icing a sprained ankle, or something more serious such as support during a mental health crisis, resources for drug addiction, or designing a plan to return to school after a serious injury or illness. The community at AHAHS is deeply proud of and honored that Melissa and Patrick Parker are at AHAHS."


Parkers Receive Nurses of the Year


The Parkers, along with Colleen Wright, see over 200 students per month in their office.  They not only take care of the students at Atrisco Heritage Academy, but they advocate for them as well.  They are an important resource for students who need or want information on reproductive and/or sexual health. Often, school students cannot have these critical discussions with family members. Melissa and Patrick Parker provide clear, understandable information in a quiet, nonjudgmental environment to empower students to make informed decisions. 


One staff members said, "The Parkers are an amazing couple.  They care about the students, both their physical and mental health.  We have several students that are very high needs and they are so patient in working with the students and families to help them."


Another said, "They are a huge asset to our school. They help walk students down to Atrisco’s Family Center and they make sure that students have what they need, such as clothing, food, and hygiene products. They take the time to have conversation with students and they always follow up to make sure the students got what they needed. Both of our nurses are super amazing!”


"They did an amazing job managing the pandemic, and all the quarantine management," proclaimed one other staff member.


The AHA Jaguar Nation Community congratulates Patrick and Melissa Parker on this well earned award.