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Harvard Welcomes First Jaguar
Posted 5/10/22

Paola Bojorquez was AHA’s Class of 2016 Salutatorian.  She was also a member of the Student Council, the National Honor Society and Jaguars For Positive Change.  After leaving high school, she attended the University of Texas in Austin where she earned her bachelor’s degree.  From there, she moved on to Yale University where she is finishing her masters degree.  Now, she has added another piece to her education with this announcement on her Facebook page: “I am grateful, humbled, and excited to announce that I will be pursuing my PhD in Epidemiology at Harvard.” 


Paola Bojorquez - Class of 2016


Ms. Bojorquez will become the first Jaguar to attend Harvard.  Also, she adds a fourth Ivy League School attended by AHA alumni.  The list previously included Yale University, where she is the second Jaguar to attend after Jonathan Salazar (Class of 2015), University of Pennsylvania (Class of 2016 Valedictorian Adrian Armendariz) and Dartmouth (Ricardo Serrano-Smith - Class of 2016).


“After confirming my passion for reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric epidemiology over the summer, I decided I was ready to pursue my dream of applying to PhD programs,” Said Ms. Bojorquez.  “I applied to 7 programs, received 4 interview invites, interviewed at 3 programs, and was admitted to 4 programs.”


“As I reflect on my experiences and values as a first-generation Mexican-American female epidemiologist, I aspire to have an impactful career focused on preventing adverse health outcomes  in low-income immigrant communities like the ones I grew up in.”


Atrisco Heritage Academy High School is extremely proud of the accomplishments of Paola Bojorquez and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.  We hope that her story can be an inspiration to Jaguars past, present and future.  As Ms. Bojorquez proudly states, “I am my parents’ American Dream.”