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April 5th Return to Campus Information
Posted 3/19/21

Watch the AHA COVID Protocols Video:


Students interested in returning to campus should fill out this survey:


Freshman Jumpstart taking place on Wednesday March 31st at 12:30pm. This event is only for Freshmen students who will return to school in person on April 5th. Learn more about Jumpstart here: 


Sign up for Freshmen Jumpstart here: 


New Bell schedule starting April 5th, 2021: 


Students needing to use APS buses to get to campus should use this page to find their bus route:


Students who have health concerns or use medications need to make sure their information is updated with our Nursing Office. You can find more information here: 

If you have questions for our Nurses, please call: 505-750-8118


Read about our full plans for re-entry and student safety here: