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The college/university search process can be an exciting and enjoyable experience!

We encourage you to set up a meeting with an AHA  College and Career Readiness Counselor to brainstorm the best major, institution, and opportunities to set you up for success in your future. 

Many colleges and universities are hosting virtual college visits.  In addition, many college organizations are hosting college fairs.  Take advantage of these opportunities to research colleges and ask important questions to help you narrow down your decision.

Building Connections

Get to know your College Reps and Admissions Counselors. Their job is to answer any questions you may have regarding their school (including student life, housing, admissions, scholarships, financial aid, and more). 

Gain access to college reps, visits, and more!

College Applications

The College Application process begins the summer before your Senior year. Get your calendar ready to keep track of College and University application due dates.

Researching colleges is a complex journey unique to every student and family. We encourage you to sit down with family, friends, counselors, and teachers to decide what are the most important factors for you to consider. 

​It is important you start this process early so you can focus on the application and enrollment process during your senior year. 

​Once you've decided what is most important to you, consider additional research to find the best fit.

Big Future

Compare Colleges

College Xpress

College Majors 101

College Navigator

College Scorecard

College Results

College Sanity

You Visit - Virtual College Tours

Campus Pride


Plan ahead if you want to be a college athlete. Research how to become eligible to play sports in college early. The NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA have processes that you need to follow to ensure your eligibility.

If you are a high school athlete who wants to play college-level sports, keep two priorities in mind: COLLEGE FIRST, SPORTS SECOND.

Avoid situations that might leave you without a degree or even a team to play on. Your eligibility is your responsibility!

Proactive Steps for the NCAA:

  1. Share your NCAA ID with the schools who are recruiting you.
  2. Apply to the colleges/universities you are wanting to attend.
  3. Request final amateurism certification before you enroll full time in college. Starting April 1 (Fall) and starting October 1 (Winter/Spring)
  4. Submit your final transcript with proof of graduation through your Parchment account
  5. Know that considerations are given to students with documented education-impacting disabilities.